Roni Daloomi

Roni Daloomi


2023 – “Broadway’s nights”, the national Theatre “Habima”

2022 – “The most beautiful year of my life”, National Theatre “Habima” with Haifa Theatre

2022 – “Yentl”, National Theater “Habima”

2021 – “The melody returns again”, National Theatre “Habima”

2021 – “Romeo and Juliet”, the IPO and National Theatre “Habima”

2021 – “Spanish Orchard”, National Theatre “Habima”

2021 – “The Head of the Council”, National Theatre “Habima”

2019 – “Mamma Mia!”, National Theatre “Habima”

2019 – “Spring Awakens”, National Theatre “Habima”

2018 – “Givaat Halfon doesn’t answer”, National Theater “Habima”

2017 – “Waymarks”, National Theatre “Habima”

2016 – “Wretches of Life”, National Theatre “Habima”

2013 – “Sounds of Music”, Oded Feldman Communications

TV and Cinema

2023 – “Six zeros”, Kan 11

2022 – “Hanshi”, HOT

2021 – “Monkeys”, Teenick

2018 – “Taste of Once Upon a Time”, Channel 10

2016 – “The Russians”, Channel 10

2016 – “Four by Four”, motion picture

2015 – “Music School”, Keshet 12

2015 – “If you only give”, the children’s channel

2014 – “Galis”, The Israeli Children’s channel

2012 – “Euphoria”, HOT

2010 – “A Star Is Born”, winner of the seventh season, Keshet 12

Stage Shows

2018 – “The Return of the Maccabees”, a Hanukkah production

2017 – “Around the World in 80 Days”, Hanukkah Production

2016 – “Honey of a festival”, Hanukkah production

2015 – “The Magician”, a Hanukkah production

2014 – “Festigal – the Festigal Games”, a Hanukkah production

2012 – “Peter Pan”, Hanukkah production

2010 – “Festigal – a crazy night at the Festigal”, a Hanukkah production


2014 – “Return to Oz”

2012 – “The Lorax”


2016 – Third album, “Look at me”

2013 – Second album, “Hold on”

2010 – Debut album, “Something Different”




"The song was written after a period of crisis, the message is - ask for help"

Roni Daloomi releases a new song called "Despite" and together with it launches a concert tour • In the meantime she stars in five plays at the "Habima" theater, plays in a new series called "Khanshi" that will air soon and explains why she recently put the game at the center • And - as someone who played in the Israeli version, What does she think about the success of the American Euphoria?

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Roni Daloomi with a headdress in the filming of the series
Channel 7

Roni Daloomi with a headdress in the filming of the series "Hanshi"

The actress and singer was recorded on the set of the series "Hanshi" with the religious outfit of Tamara, the character she will play in the series.

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