Eli Finish

Eran Zaracovitz

TV and Cinema
2023 – “Wonderful Country”, Channel 12
2023 – “The Monkey Garden”, motion picture
2022 – “Comes to mind”, motion picture
2021 – “Beluga Blues”, here 11
2019 – “Nehama”, HOT
2015 – “The Screenwriter”, Channel 1 and Channel 33
2012 – “The Parliament”, Channel 2
2010 – “Hall of Fame”, Channel 10
2009 – “Changes in the broadcast schedule”, Channel 10
2006 – “Mesoderim”, Channel 2

2015 – Today – “Teicher Zaracovitz”, Radio Tel Aviv
2010 – “Strugglers for Touch”, Galey Tzahal
2007 – “Evening Program”, Radio Tel Aviv
2007 – “Pecking Night Birds”, Galey Tzahal

2019 – The Lottery
2016 – Bank Leumi
2014 – AIG insurance company

The People Upstairs

Dafna and Amir are a bourgeois couple who cultivate a sleepy married life, until the neighbors From above they come to visit. The meeting with the wild couple confronts them with ideas
of open sexuality, exchange of partners and willingness to new experiences.

Written By: Cesc Gay
Director: Nathan Datner
Translation: Erez Driggez

Photography credit: Redi Rubinstein
Photo design credit: Dafna Zilberstein Studio

Avi Nussbaum


2023 – “This is a legend”, Sport 5

2023 – “We see the voice”, Sagittarius 12

2022 – “The singer in the mask”, Sagittarius 12

2017 – “What a laugh”, Keshet 12

2016 – “Nussbaum and Goldstein”, Channel 10

2015 – “Shay Beshidur”, Channel 10

2015 – “Master Chef VIP”, Keshet 12

2014-present – “Buba Shel Layla”, Sport 5

2014 – “The whole world is against us”, Sport 5

2012 – “What a day”, Channel 2

2012 – “Don’t answer me!”, Channel 24

2010 – “Laughter Saturday”, Channel 2

2010 – “Let’s see you”, Channel 2

2009-2014 – “Moadon Layla”, Keshet 12

2008 – “Laughter from Work”, Channel 2

2007 – “Limited Edition”, Beep channel

2005 – “Makat Medina”, Bip channel

2005 – “Traffic jams”, the sports channel

2004 – “The Laughter Academy”, Channel 2


2022-2023 – “Galit Hugi and Avi Nussbaum”, 102FM

2011 – “Foretelling night birds”, Galey Tzahal

2011 – “Shay and Dror”, non-stop Radio

2005 – “Seven-nine”, Radio 99


2005 – Today – “Wonderful Land”, Keshet 12

Tamir Bar

Band show!

Tamir Bar steps out from the screen for the first time. In a performance that combines music and comedy, one of Israel’s brightest and funniest minds creates some of the most iconic characters of recent years. From “Shem Tov-Kaved” to his recent solo album, on stage with guests and friends, Tamir Bar and his band will perform his greatest hits including “Sam Ardama” (Sleeping Pill), “Ba’im Lehirim” (Come to Cheer You Up), “Lu Chaya Gayz” (There Were No Homosexuals), “Tikva” (Hope), and more.

Tamir Bar

An evening of material testing with Israel’s funniest stand-up artist!

Talya Bartfeld

Talya Bartfeld in a new show.
I’m also a lesbian and I say it several times at the show, whoever it bothers – don’t come.

Writing: Talya Bartfeld Content editing: Noa Kohler

Show duration: 70 minutes
Recommended for ages 16 and over

Nelly Tagar

career or diapers? What is more difficult?
After the successes in cinema and TV, Nelly arrives for the first time in her natural place – the stand-up stage.

On stage, she speaks like you’ve never heard her before, and she has a lot to say about everything: her husband, her mother, the newspaper “Haaretz,” and the undersea cable network. Nelly herself, without characters and without censorship.

Writing: Amir Ben Sira and Nelly Tagar

Photography: Ronit Cohen

Esti – Liat Har-Lev

Liat Har Lev’s beloved character from “Eretz Nehederet”!
Esti, who no longer lives in sin and encourages to build a better world, breaks through in a short, brilliant, and hilariously entertaining stand-up show.
Your punchline for corporate events, training workshops, fun days, and conferences!
Writing: Eran Zarahovich and Asaf Shalmon

Photo: Eran Levy

Zina-Shalom Michaelshvili

The most beloved and hilarious character in Israel, Zina the coach (Shalom Michaelshvili), is here to organize your event! With her guidance, conferences, events, panels, weddings, and comedy bursts will be unforgettable experiences!

Photography: Moshe Nachomovski